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Melbourne, VIC,

Detailed reviews and information of the best solar panels, inverters and batteries. Plus hybrid and off-grid solar system reviews and information articles on how solar and battery systems work.

Solar Power Installers | Melbourne, Victoria

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Solar Installers In Melbourne

Some top ranking and CER community installers near Melbourne:

  • Premier Solar | Kilsyth, VIC

  • Harpoon Electrics | Mornington, VIC

  • JMC Electrics | Melbourne, VIC

  • Trione Energy | Tullamarine, VIC

  • Sunrun Solar | Clayton, VIC

  • Bright Source | Port Melbourne, VIC

  • Sailax Solar | Campbellfield, VIC

Checkout out our Solar Installer page to get a quote from industry professionals in Victoria.

We have listed installers in Melbourne, Mornington, High Country, Gippsland and the Riverina.

Cost of Solar in Melbourne

Melbourne Rooftop Solar panels photo.jpg

If you already have been quoted for a solar system in Melbourne, jump on our solar forum and get your quote reviewed by our team.

If you are not yet at the stage to get a solar quote, we have plenty of resources on our site to get you there. Checkout out our navigation menu above for our Guide to Buying Solar, extensive reviews of solar products, and information about how solar works.

Examples of some pricing from quotes in Melbourne:

  • Panels: 6.51 kW, 21 x 310W Hanwha Qcells Q.Peak G4 | Inverter: Enphase micro inverters | Price: AUD$12120 gross ($1.86 per W). Minus $3100 STC rebate = $9020 net

    • Panel option: 6.61kW, 21 x 315W Longi LR6-60PE | Price $8020 net

  • Panels: 6.6 kW, 22 x 300W Jinko Eagle Mono PERC | Inverter: Solax 5kW | Price: AUD$9,922.40 gross ($1.98 per W - based on inverter output). Minus $3162 STC rebate = $6760.40 net

  • Panels: 6.6 kW, 21 x 315W Serpahim Mono PERC | Inverter: Sofar Solar Mass Energy 5kW | Price: AUD$8623 gross ($1.72 per W - based on inverter output). Minus $3572 STC rebate = $5051.00 net

Recent forum topics on getting solar in Melbourne:

Solar Rebates

Melbourne is in zone 4 for the federal STC rebate scheme. This means that for a 5kW system, in 2019 you are eligible for 82 certificates, which at the current price of around $30, you will receive a very handy $2460 off the upfront cost of your system. See our Solar Price Calculator for up to date calculations of STCs on your specific system size, and for a quote on the total cost of a system.

There are unfortunately some major issues at the moment with the Victorian “Solar Homes Program”. The Victoria government offers an additional $2225 discount, to the already quite generous federal STC program. However, the monthly quotas are getting filled very quickly, and causing a lot of confusion amongst installers and buyers alike.

Take a look at the What financial incentives are available? chapter in our Guide to Buying solar

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