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Detailed reviews and information of the best solar panels, inverters and batteries. Plus hybrid and off-grid solar system reviews and information articles on how solar and battery systems work.


Reviews and information of the best Solar panels and inverters from SMA, Fronius, SunPower, SolaX, Q Cells, Trina, Jinko, Selectronic, Tesla Powerwall, ABB. Plus hybrid inverters, battery sizing, Lithium-ion and lead-acid batteries, off-grid and on-grid power systems.

Best Solar Panels 2018

Jason Svarc

Best solar panels 2018 review.jpg

By combining years of experience in the solar industry and feedback from hundreds of solar professionals around Australia we have put together a list of the most popular solar modules from the leading manufacturers.

As highlighted in our guide to choosing a quality and efficient solar panel, when it comes to solar higher cost equals higher quality and performance. The higher quality modules from the leading manufacturers listed below have proven to out perform and outlast low-cost modules, with many of the lesser known 'cheap' manufacturers either going bankrupt or being de-listed from the Australian Clean Energy Council's list of approved suppliers.

Best Solar Panel Manufacturers

Here is our short list of the best quality and most reliable solar panel manufacturers supplying the Australian market based on company history, quality, real world performance and feedback from solar industry professionals.  Here we provide a quick summary of the top manufacturers warranty conditions plus the most popular panels offering the best quality, efficiency, innovation and value.

See the complete list and details of the many innovations being used to improve panel efficiency, reliability and performance in the complete solar panel technology review.

  • SunPower

Sunpower is the world leader in high efficiency solar cells and offer the best power output warranty at 92% retained capacity after 25 years on both the E series and  X series, plus a 25 year manfacturers warranty. Although the high performance IBC N-type cells used in Sunpower panels do come at a high price and are not widely available in Australia. In North America however Sunpower panels, in particular the E series are very popular and are one of the most trusted and highest performing panels available.

  • LG Energy

LG energy is generally regarded as the manufacturer with the best value range of high quality, reliable, high performance panels. As of May 2018 LG offer both a 25 year manufacturers and performance warranty on the Neon 2 and Neon R modules which use the high grade N-type cells. LG's range of premium quality panels use several industry leading technologies with the Neon 2 panels using multi-wire busbars being one of the most popular high end panels in Australia. See full LG review here.

  • Winaico

Winaico is a relatively small volume manufacturer offering a premium range of panels which are very high quality but still reasonably priced. The Winaico M6 PERC panels come with a 15 year manufacturers warranty and are very well regarded and trusted by installers having a very good track record for long term reliability and performance in the harsh Australian conditions.

  • REC

REC manufacture quality, cost effective panels which have proven to be very popular among installers, inparticular the TwinPeak 2 range of panels. TwinPeak were the first panels available using the half size cells, split module format providing in higher efficiency and improved shading tolerance.

  • Q Cells

Hanwha Q cells is a well known quality panel manufacturer which have an above average 12 year product warranty and improved long term performance of 83% after 25 years. The new Q.Peak Duo range of split cell modules are the latest innovation from Q cells with 6 bus-bars and up to 19.3% efficiency.

  •  Trina Solar

Trina solar is one of the worlds largest solar panel manufacturers and are investing heavily in new generation of lower cost high efficiency modules. The well known Trina Honey range of panels from Trina solar are considered great quality and very good value for money, in particular the Honey M (mono-crystalline) panels. See full Trina Solar review here.

    Other Leading Value Manufacturers

    Below is a short list of other well known manufacturers which offer a balance of good value and quality made panels. The complete list of the top 10 panel manufacturers and the Australian made Tindo solar panels are shown in the complete solar cell technology review article including:

    • Canadian Solar
    • LONGi Solar
    • Jinko Solar
    • JA solar

    Other Premium Manufacturers

    There are several other notable panel manufacturers which are very well regarded for producing high quality, reliable panels. Besides Panasonic which is not yet available in Australia, most of these are either fairly new or we have very limited experience and feedback from the Australian solar specialists.

    • Panasonic
    • Phono Solar
    • SunTech
    • Seraphim

    Most Popular Solar Modules

    In addition to the best manufacturers there are a few models which are favorites among our specialists and many Australian installers due to a combination quality, efficiency, performance and value for money. These panels are also proving very popular in the US and much of Europe, in particular the range of modules from REC, LG and Q cells.

    LG NeON 2

    LG Neon2 s.jpg

    LG Neon modules use double sided cells to absorb light from the front and the rear of the module similar to PERC* cells, along with the LG Cello thin wire busbar technology to further improve efficiency. As of May 2018 LG Neon 2 panels are covered by a higher 25 year product warranty and higher performance warranty of 86% after 25 years. LG panels also have frames with very high wind load ratings which make them one of the strongest panels on the market. See full LG solar review here.

    See full LG Neon 2 specifications here.

    Winaico P6 PERC

    Winaico Mono PERC P6 Small.jpg

    The Winaico P6 PERC modules are highly regarded by installers due to the extremely high build quality, great service and 15 year manufacturers warranty. Winaico is a smaller manufacturer with a great reputation for reliability and performance supportedby the outstanding real world results at the Australian Desert Knowledge testing facility.

    See full Winaico P6 specifications here

    REC TwinPeak 2

    REC TwinPeaks.jpg

    REC panels use PERC* technology  and a unique split configuration which divides the panel into two sections, upper and lower which combine at a centre mounted junction box. This creates a panel which is much more efficient when partially shaded. The half size cells also increase efficiency and performance under most conditions.

    See full REC TwinPeak specifications here

    Trina Solar Honey

    Trina Honey plus.jpg

    The Trina Honey range of panels have been a favorite among installers for many years. They offer high quality and very good value for money from a large, trusted manufacturer together with good service. The recent Honey M plus range offer higher performance and efficiency over the standard Honey panels using monocrystalline (Mono PERC)* cells. See full Trina Solar review here.

    See Trina Honey M plus specifications here

    Hanwha Q Cells

    Hanwha Q cells Duo G5 logos.jpg

    Hanwha Q cells previously known as Q cells founded in 1999 are rapidly re-gaining popularity as a medium to high-end panel option for many solar installers as the the company releases advanced new modules including the new Q.Peak Duo range of split cell modules with 6 bus-bars and up to 19.3% efficiency.

    See the full Q cells Q.Peak Duo-G5  specifications here

    Latest PV cell technology review

    Learn more about the leading solar panel models and cell types here including PERC, multi busbar, split modules and bifacial panel technology here.

     Close up of the LG Neon 2 Cello multi busbar cell design

    Close up of the LG Neon 2 Cello multi busbar cell design