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Detailed reviews and information of the best solar panels, inverters and batteries. Plus hybrid and off-grid solar system reviews and information articles on how solar and battery systems work.

About Us

About Us

Our aim

Clean Energy Reviews (CER) came about in order to help both consumers and solar professionals identify the best quality and most reliable solar panels, inverters and energy storage systems. We do this by analysing and testing solar products, obtaining feedback from solar installers and professionals working in the industry and reviewing products to determine which brands offer the most reliable and best quality products, and which manufactures provide the best warranty and service. This is based on reliability, value for money, quality, features, efficiency and warranty details. See more on how we rate solar products.

We believe clean energy offers us a great opportunity to reduce our carbon footprint, improve efficiency and reduce costs. Together with help from friends and acquaintances in the clean energy sector, CER aims to pool the knowledge of experienced solar professional and installers to find the best products and services in renewable energy and sustainability. 

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Who are We?

  • Martin Newkirk - Founder and Editor

Martin is a passionate advocate for renewable energy and sustainability, with a keen interest in making renewables the number one energy source in Australia. When not working on CER Martin is managing Newkirk Solar, which provides services to solar installers, including sales, quoting, purchasing, solar PV design and finance assistance.


  • Jason Svarc - Founder, Technical Writer and Solar Specialist

Jason has many roles and interests in the solar world including designing, commissioning and managing solar battery storage/off-grid power systems. Previous experience include 2 years teaching the Clean Energy Council (CEC) stand-alone power system (off-grid) design and install course at Swinburne University.  Living in an off-grid solar home and having an extensive engineering background plus 8 years experience in renewable energy system design and installation, Jason has gained vast knowledge, experience and technical expertise.

For solar power or off-grid systems and services contact Jason at   Transfer Solar

For solar power or off-grid systems and services contact Jason at Transfer Solar

For assistance or design consulting/contracting services contact Jason at

CEC license No. A8975204

Our Specialists and network of solar professionals

In the fast paced solar industry it is vital to engage with solar professionals, installers, distributors, technicians and service representatives to keep up to date with the latest technology, industry trends and possible reliability or quality problems. We work in solar and are constantly in contact with solar installers and industry professionals gathering feedback through technical discussions and surveys. In addition to industry interactions we have pooled knowledge from a number of experienced solar installers in order to determine the best quality and most reliable products available on the Australian market.

Here are some of the Solar Specialists we have consulted.


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