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Detailed reviews and information of the best solar panels, inverters and batteries. Plus hybrid and off-grid solar system reviews and information articles on how solar and battery systems work.


Reviews and information on the best Solar panels, inverters and batteries from SMA, Fronius, SunPower, SolaX, Q Cells, Trina, Jinko, Selectronic, Tesla Powerwall, ABB. Plus hybrid inverters, battery sizing, Lithium-ion and lead-acid batteries, off-grid and on-grid power systems.

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Fronius Inverter Review

Jason Svarc

Austrian solar inverter manufacturer Fronius is considered somewhat a legend in the solar world, but it wasn’t always the case. This reputation has been earned over the years from the high level of service, quality and most importantly reliability. We examine what makes Fronius stand out from the crowd.

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Enphase Micro Inverter Review

Martin Newkirk

Microinverters have many benefits over string inverters but also a higher upfront cost. In this review we look at whether it is worth paying that extra money and what you need to know when considering a micro inverter system.

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Top 10 Solar Panels - Latest Technology 2019

Jason Svarc

We review the latest solar panel and PV cell technologies plus highlight the best panels from Sunpower, LG, Winaico, REC, Trina and Jinko. Find out about recent innovations such as PERC, half-size cells, multi busbars and smart panels.

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Victron Energy Review - Smart solar battery systems

Jason Svarc

Victron Energy has the largest variety of solar products of any manufacturer with everything from tiny solar controllers to large grid-interactive inverter/chargers. But it's the clever monitoring and smart control systems where they really shine.

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