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Five Ways To Reduce Emissions

Five Ways To Reduce Emissions

Climate change *sigh*. Presumably if you are reading this, you don’t need persuading that we are in the midst of a climate emergency, and that human induced warming is causing catastrophic events that are only going to get far worse. But alas, what can humble little you and I do about it? It’s up to governments and big business to work this out right? Well, not really. We the consumer have huge influence to directly and indirectly reduce emissions. And there’s more good news, the things we can do to reduce carbon emissions are simple, and save lots of money, and will probably make us happier and healthier as well. 

According to the IPCC Mitigation of Climate Change report (2014) globally, the biggest producers of Greenhouse Gas Emissions by sector are as follows:

  • Industry: 21% (not including 11% indirect use via electricity production)

  • Agriculture: 24%

  • Buildings: 6.4% (not including 12% indirect use via electricity production)

  • Transportation: 14%

  • Electricity and heat production: 25% (see indirect breakdown below)

Our consumption habits are key to reducing our emissions in each of these sectors. By thinking more about what we consume and how much we consume it, we can make a big impact in the emissions which go into making goods, growing agriculture, and transporting it and us around.

Top 5 simple ways that we the consumer can dramatically reduce climate change

  1. Buy higher quality stuff, and less of it

  2. Drive less, and share a car

  3. Use clean electricity, and less of it

  4. Eat better quality food, and less meat

  5. Halve your plane travel

That’s it. It’s actually pretty simple for us consumers to have a massive impact on climate change immediately. That doesn’t mean it is easy, but it is simple. Plus, you’ll have plenty of spare money to spend on carbon neutral things, like local holidays, a really comfortable (and efficient) home, an awesome bike, really nice clothes that last ages, and lots of delicious high quality food. 

Go carbon neutral and offset your emissions

  • The average footprint for people in Australia and the US is 15.37 tonnes

  • The average for the European Union is about 6.4 tonnes

  • The average worldwide carbon footprint is about 5 tonnes

  • The worldwide target to combat climate change is 2 tonnes

SOURCE:  Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change - Mitigation of Climate Change 2014 report

SOURCE: Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change - Mitigation of Climate Change 2014 report