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Detailed reviews and information of the best solar panels, inverters and batteries. Plus hybrid and off-grid solar system reviews and information articles on how solar and battery systems work.


Reviews and information on the best Solar panels, inverters and batteries from SMA, Fronius, SunPower, SolaX, Q Cells, Trina, Jinko, Selectronic, Tesla Powerwall, ABB. Plus hybrid inverters, battery sizing, Lithium-ion and lead-acid batteries, off-grid and on-grid power systems.

Latest LG solar and battery systems 2019

Jason Svarc

The new V5 series LG Neon 2 high performance solar panels with up to 20.7% efficiency - InterSolar 2019

The new V5 series LG Neon 2 high performance solar panels with up to 20.7% efficiency - InterSolar 2019

LG launch new range of innovative energy storage products at InterSolar 2019 along with new generation V5 solar panels. The LG electronics stand in Munich showcased a completely new line-up of home battery storage systems (ESS), LG smart home energy management system and two PV integrated solar car roof systems.

Latest LG solar panels

LG Neon R 380W panels coming in 2020

LG Neon R 380W panels coming in 2020

LG showcased the new V5 series of solar panels including the Neon 2, Neon 2 bifacial and Neon R which were some of the most efficient solar panels on display at InterSolar. The V5 cells boosted the output power ratings of the Neon 2 and Neon R panels to 355W and 380W respectively, while the Neon 2 bifacial jumped up to an impressive 400W. However possibly the most notable improvement was the new performance warranty with an impressive 90.8% retained power rating after 25 years putting it in the same league as SunPower but at a more competitive price point.

  • Neon R - up to 375W – 21.7% efficiency

  • Neon R Prime - up to 360W – 20.8% efficiency

  • Neon 2 - up to 355W – 20.7% efficiency

  • Neon 2 Black - up to 340W – 19.8% efficiency

LG home energy storage system ESS

Following on from the first LG home 5 ESS revealed at all-energy expo in 2018, LG showcased two new more powerful home energy storage systems (ESS) including single and 3-phase variants along with two DC coupled lithium battery options. Due for release early-mid 2020.

The new LG Home ESS energy storage systems released at Intersolar Europe 2019

The LG home energy storage options now include two high-powered Home 8 and Home 10 hybrid inverters rated at 8kVA and 10kVA respectively. These powerful three-phase inverters have an impressive 3 MPPT (tracker) inputs with up to 6kW per MPPT for the Home 8 (max 12kW total PV) and up to 7.5kW per MPPT on the larger Home 10 system (max 13.5kW PV). The new high power inverter ratings are well suited to modern (3-phase) all-electric homes with increased energy consumption and would be suitable for future proofing a home and charging an electric vehicle.

LG ESS Home Hybrid Inverters - PCS

  • LG ESS Home 8 - Output power 8kVA - Max PV 12kW

  • LG ESS Home 10 - Output power 10kVA - Max PV 13.5kW

LG ESS Home hybrid Inverter and battery specifications

Click to enlarge

The new LG batteries appear to be a repackaged and more polished (literally) version of the popular LG chem RESU battery systems which have been on the market for several years. The specifications are almost identical to the higher voltage LG chem RESU-H batteries but able to be coupled together for extra capacity without an additional combiner box. Up to two batteries can be combined providing a maximum usable storage capacity of 18.6kWh using two of the larger LG HB 10H battery modules. Also like the RESU any combination of battery sizes will work.

LG DC coupled Lithium-Ion batteries

  • LG HB 7H Battery – Max usable capacity 6.6kWh

  • LG HB 10H Battery – Max usable capacity 9.3kWh

The Home ESS is also capable of providing backup power in the event of a blackout with an optional backup power unit (ATS). The full details such as transfer time are yet to be released but going by the spec sheet the backup ratings will be 5kVA using a single battery or 7kVA if using 2 batteries combined.

See attached LG Home ESS specification sheet for more details

Warranty on both the hybrid Inverter (PCS) and battery is 10 years with the battery guaranteed to maintain at least a 80% SOH (state of health) after 10 year’s of use. Using the SOH rating is a little usual as typically manufacturers will specify a certain amount of retained capacity. For instance the LG Chem RESU batteries have a minimum retained capacity of 60% after 10 years so we can assume this new battery will be similar. We will update this once the full details are available.

LG three phase DC coupled ESS options on show at InterSolar 2019

LG three phase DC coupled ESS options on show at InterSolar 2019

Overall the LG ESS appears to be a very well designed and powerful system although the hybrid inverter or PCS (power conversion system) as it is referred to by LG is only IP21 rated meaning it must be installed indoors or in a well-protected area. The battery however is IP55 rated meaning it can be outdoors but like all batteries it should be semi-protected and not exposed to direct sunlight.

LG Home Energy Management System

To tie the new suite of products together LG also launched the new ‘smart’ home energy management system designed to optimise self-consumption of solar using smart controls and appliances including the new LG Therma V heat pump and ATW or Air to water heat pump. This complete energy generation and control system will be monitored through a new online portal which also features remote firmware upgrades and easy system setup via the ‘EnerVu’ mobile app. It appears EV charging features will also be included but we’ll need to wait for the full details to be released.

LG Solar Car roof

A finally the biggest surprise was a completely new product aimed at the rapidly growing Electric Vehicle market. The solar car roof variants on display featured either Neon 2 CELLO cells rated at 200W and Neon R IBC cells rating at 300W.

LG Solar car roof conecpt on show at InterSolar 2019

LG Solar car roof conecpt on show at InterSolar 2019

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