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Full article list


Solar Power Explained

  • fHow solar power works
  • fWhat is a hybrid solar system?
  • Importance of quality installation

Solar Panels

  • Types of solar panels
  • What what Tier 1 2 & 3 mean?

Solar Inverters

  • fSolar and hybrid inverter intro
  • fWhat are microinverters

Energy Storage

  • (J) fBattery types (update)
  • Lead-acid deep cycle batteries
  • Solar hybrid selection guide
  • Tesla Powerwall Review???

Other articles

  • How solar hot water works
  • How heat pumps work
  • Criteria when rating solar products


Testing Chart Styles

Just testing bro...


Solar Panels

  • fSolar panel review (update) video
  • (J) Solar panel review summary (update)

Solar Inverters

  • f1 Solar inverter review (update) video
  • Solar inverter review summary (update spruce with graph)

Energy Storage

  • fHybrid & off-grid solar system review
  • Hybrid & off grid summary
  • (J) Battery review (features and cost)
  • (J) Battery review summary

Short videos 

Solar Power Explained

  • fKinglake
  • Selectronic and ABB system